My Little Princess


My daughter is growing up and I can’t help but love every minute of it  – yes, I miss a ton of things that she leaves behind as she grows, but I also love all the things she gains – like the things she comes up with and the things she says. Now she can actually have a conversation with me – Although more often than not, she digresses – just like mommy. She is becoming interested in activities and things that we both enjoy – like arts and crafts – and when I am in the kitchen she often offers to help (even though in reality it’s not really help at all)  but it’s the intention that counts.  She is singing songs – pretending she knows the words – and hugging and telling me she loves me often, and it can’t get better than that.


How do I know my daughter is growing?

1. She has moved on from Minnie mouse and is now obsessed with princesses.

2. She reverts things I say to her, for example, she now often says– “Mom I am asking you a question – are you listening?”

3. She corrects me – all the time – and I must admit, she is right 70 % of the time

4. She wants to do everything on her own – Finally!

5. She has a crush on a boy – I mean, she doesn’t even know it – but she talks about him every time I pick her up from school. Not sure I am looking forward to the teenage years…


She is turning 3 soon so I can’t wait to see what that age will bring – What are the best and most difficult moments of that stage?