E&GEDuring the month of June I decided to take some continuing education classes on something I loved to explore but never did. I took some Graphic Design courses and although challenging, I learned a lot. It was difficult not picking up my daughter after school for 2 days and coming home having her sleeping but she got a chance to bond more with her dad and I got some needed time for myself. I met some wonderful and talented people in the class, most of which came from different parts of the world and had a Graphic Design degree. It is funny, because on a Starbuck’s cup there is a quote from Oprah, which states, “No experience is ever wasted. Everything helps.” So little by little I am learning new things and starting to do what I love. To end June, my daughter fell from a hammock and had to get stitches. As much as I wanted her to never break a bone, never hurt, and never get any scars, I knew it would happen eventually, I just think it happened too early. I was totally not composed and neither was my husband. It was hard to see her hurt, and to be totally honestly, I think it pained me more than it did her.

As for July, my nephew was born and I couldn’t be happier. My sister has accustomed herself to the motherhood role fairly quickly and at ease and the little one is a bundle of joy for all of us. My daughter is in love with him she tells me she has three babies, Aden (her cousin on my husband’s side), George Esteban (my sister’s son) and Kaleb (her crush in school). She loves to just stare at him and frankly, it’s adorable. To finish up July, it was my birthday and I really thought this year was going to be the beginning of a no celebration birthday – because ultimately that’s kind of how it becomes. However, I am happy to report that it was not. I really enjoy my birthdays and I don’t want to loose the fact that I can treat myself and give myself time on a day that is mine to celebrate – not for being a mother – but for being me, and I think that it is important.

August has been a month full of surprises and I am now starting to get ready for my daughter’s birthday in September…

These are the wonders of motherhood, we manage to do so much, and yet, I think our biggest flaw is not giving ourselves enough credit. Sometimes I step back from it all and see myself in amazement – Not everything I do is perfect, in fact, most things are not, but I do try my hardest to make them as best as possible and I do give them my all, and to me, that makes it worth it, and that makes it great. I learned that I can’t be too hard on myself. I do a lot and want a lot and I am accomplishing everything little by little.