World Cup Fever

This World Cup brought my family a lot of laughter and joy as well as tears and upset. My two teams, USA & Colombia are out of the tournament but they both played well and really put their heart and soul into the game. Brazil was my 3rd contender – that’s until they played Colombia for a spot in the semifinals and their true colors showed. Of course, like most Colombians, I was rooting for Germany to win on yesterday’s match. Nonetheless, I feel terrible that Brazil lost the way they did, at home, in their World Cup. As much as I thought that they deserved to lose for their rough play, nasty tactics and biased refs, I did not want them to lose like that. At least the US and Colombia left the World Cup with their heads high having given it their all and allowing fans to expect much, much more in the years to come. As for Brazil, being a 5 time World Cup holder did not play in their favor and all the pressure they had showed. Their rough play finally took its toll and as many say, karma, karma, karma. I hope Brazil can recover and return to playing “jogo bonito,” which is the ideological way I think the world views Brazilian soccer– or used to…

As for my daughter, as young as she is, she has become a soccer fan – Yay! In fact, I believe that she is my lucky charm and we love to watch the soccer matches together – which I love because it’s a family tradition. She screams GOAL! every time a player hits the ball (in expectation) and she screams and jumps with us when our team scores. When she is a little older, I will take her to watch some live matches with me which will be pretty exciting. For now, I am content with her cheering for the teams.

Soccer is in our blood and we are now looking forward to watching the last 3 matches of the World Cup and anticipating Copa America next year.