Having a Sick Toddler


Going on vacation is awesome but coming back sucks:

  1. You are back to your regular routine/no more slacking/ no naptime
  2. You no longer come back to a clean, well made bed, or have breakfast, lunch and dinner made for you… Instead, you have to unpack, do laundry and various chores around the house..
  3. You are jetlagged and someone usually gets sick

This time it was Emma. She started feeling a little sick the day we landed and it progressively got worse and evolved to bronchitis. Since she was congested and wanted comforting, she woke up several times a night. I was jetlagged and had to return to work so once again I feel sleep deprived – It didn’t help that it was daylight savings on Sunday and we lost a very precious hour of sleep. I am pale and have purple circles around my eyes – yup, my tan totally vanished – Figures, it only lasted two days.   In addition, as a parent you tend to feel helpless at the sight of your sick child, at least that how I felt, especially when Emma refused the medicine and/or soup and I had to come up with creative ways to have her drink/eat it so that she could actually recover… Thank God Emma is better – not only because she is well, but because we can put order back in the house. She is our little princess but if she was to be sick all the time she would reign the house. Fortunately, today she was able to return to daycare/school – she missed her friends and teachers.

This is what it feels like when you have a sick toddler –

  1. Somehow all the rules that have been established at home are discarded – your toddler has become a dictator
  2. Whatever your toddler wants, your toddler gets. If God forbid you don’t give them something on command they will have a tantrum, and when they are having a tantrum while they are sick you actually feel the need to comfort them.
  3. They will take over your Bed – Emma already claimed it. I might find her name written on it one of these days.
  4. By the time the sickness is gone, the parents are exhausted and run down which can easily lead to someone else being sick in the house (I hope not).
  5. You have to re – train your toddler – to sleep in their own bed, to actually eat, to clean up their mess, to go to sleep and wake up at a certain time, etc.

Yes, one of the many joys of parenthood!

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