Talking to your baby/toddler

It is very encouraging to find articles like these, because there are several instances where I have full-blown conversations with my daughter (mostly on my end) and people look at me and think I am crazy. But here you have it! Proof that thank to those conversations, I am helping Emma develop her vocabulary. I have a tendency of always breaking up words for her because I want to encourage her to learn to pronounce them correctly so we can communicate better – There are several instances where I have to guess what she is trying to say because so many words she says sound the same and she gets frustrated when I don’t guess right. When I finally guess the word, we practice the pronunciation a number of times so that it is easier to differentiate the words and understand her. If we repeat a word a couple of times and she is still having trouble pronouncing it correctly, we drop it and move on to other things. I might bring it up another day and she will repeat it again until she pretty much perfects it. Fortunately, she loves doing this – It’s like a game to her, so I definitely take advantage of the fact that learning for her is fun. Besides, she will always be my little confidant so I need her to be able to chat it up with me.

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