A Saturday with Emma


Before having Emma, the weekends were days were I went out with my husband and/or friends, slept late and pretty much did whatever I wanted, which sometimes meant doing nothing. Now that I am a mom, I need to go to sleep early and wake up early because sleep has suddenly become invaluable and hard to come by. If I am lucky, I might get 30 minutes in the day when I can just sit and do nothing and that, to me, is priceless. Nowadays my weekends consist mainly of toddler related activities, which is not too bad, considering the fact that I practically get be a kid again without the need to explain myself.

On Saturday, I took Emma to ballet class in the morning. Surprisingly, she did really well in class –  I did not have to intervene and/or help at all, which has been the norm ever since she started the class. As soon as we got home I put her to sleep because we were going to have a long day. We were celebrating one of her friend’s birthdays later in the day –  I wanted her to enjoy herself  and frankly I did not want to deal with a tired toddler. I found a play for kids in the city called “Frog Prince” and I thought it would be a great to take Emma and the birthday girl (Ellie) to since Emma loves the movie The Princess and the Frog and Ellie loves princesses. The play had mixed reviews but my thoughts were “For a 2-year-old, it should be fine.” We went there and Ellie and Emma got seats in the front (All the seats up front were for the kids) and Isa (Ellie’s mom) and I went to sit in the back. This only lasted 5 minutes as I had to come back and sit next to Emma because she was searching for me. When the play started, the princess came out with a black piece of fabric on her head. My first thought was that this was pretty creepy and sure enough Emma was terrified. She didn’t scream or cry but immediately jumped on me and grabbed me, putting her back to the stage. The play was terrible, the frog did things that were disgusting and unnecessary –  like spitting (not on the audience – thank God!) and licking his hands – and the story didn’t really flow or make sense. However, Ellie loved it and although Emma  was scared, she participated in all the activities they had (dancing, going up on stage). I guess that is the only plus I would give the play, that the kids were able to participate; the older kids were totally into it. At the end of the play, I asked Emma if she wanted to take a picture with the princess and she said yes –  I am not sure why she agreed, because as you can see, she looked terrified.



After the play we went to a restaurant called Max Brenner – this was my first time there –I loved the atmosphere and wish I could have tried all the desserts they offered…  Emma got to draw a bit with Ellie and even though they both got the same set of crayons,  they were fighting over them and saying what seems to be every toddler’s favorite word –  “mine!” The food was delicious, Ellie fell asleep midway and although Emma was also tired she fought it off because she was waiting for dessert (Ellie woke up right before dessert – she must have smelled the chocolate). For dessert we shared some fondue and Emma got to roast some marshmallows for the first time! I also ordered a hot chocolate for her, which was delicious – I will definitely be going back for that!

Before we left, Ellie and Emma got a goodie bag with various chocolate goodies – one of which was a huge toy syringe filled with milk chocolate – Talk about chocolate overload. I can’t wait to go back, however, I will try to only go a few times per year –  as we both love chocolate it can be dangerously addictive and like any parent knows, Toddler + chocolate = hyperactive kid.


We had a great time and fortunately, by the time we got home we were both exhausted. We ate a small dinner and went to sleep …

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