I love living in New York, there are so many things/activities to do and places to visit but right now, I am beginning to feel a little envious of all my friends that moved from NY to warmer cities. When winter time starts, the first snowfall is always one that is awaited for. It adds to the Holiday spirit, it is a beautiful scene – a city covered in white – and kids are excited to go out and play. But by now, everyone is tired of it (except maybe kids). New York has already been hit with over 4 snow storms and honestly, we need a break. Yes, we are New Yorkers, but enough is enough.
The snow has not only accumulated but turned into ice, and the ice is now completed covered in snow. The condition of the streets and roads is extremely dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike and I hope everyone is extra careful and safe.

1. I CANNOT believe public schools were open today. Emma’s daycare/school goes by the same schedule as public schools, so they were open and while I don’t think it is invaluable for Emma to go to school (she is only 2), I do think that if it is expected for children to go to school today, then I have no excuse not to get to work – And in this weather, it is pretty dangerous. Several people were slipping and falling all over the place.

2. I can almost count with my hands the number of people at my job today and this is an office that has over 100 people. I guess some people just couldn’t make it in or were smart enough to stay home.

3. I am already getting a headache and sneezing, which can only mean I am getting a cold. Yippee for me! – Once you become a mother, there is really no time for anything, let alone being sick.

The freezing temperatures that have prolonged don’t help and I am looking forward to Spring….

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