Sleeping Through the Night

When my daughter was born it was the happiest moment of my life, nonetheless, it also marked the beginning of many restless nights. Emma was not one of those babies that magically slept for 4 -6 hours a night. Nope, she woke up – what felt like – every 15 minutes. The fact that I breastfed her didn’t help. Although I can definitely attest that breastfeeding was a rewarding experience for both of us, it also meant that she was waking up for milk every 2 hours. Some nights she wouldn’t sleep at all, and naturally, I was exhausted in the morning. I felt like I was sleep deprived during the first 5 months of her life and honestly, I am not even sure how I managed to stay awake sometimes.

Emma’s sleep schedule gradually got better and by the time she was one, she was sleeping through the night. This was a huge victory for me, I was finally able to get a “good night sleep” again! And I slept well for about 1 year – More or less. But lately Emma has been waking up through the night. Last night she woke up and ran to our room to tell me a bee stung her (She has a very active imagination and loves animals so she imagines/pretends they are everywhere all the time). I brought her back to her room, told her that everything was fine and waited for her to go back to sleep. She woke up two other times calling for mommy and daddy, so we took turns and went to soothe her. The fourth time she woke up, she ran to our room again and I let her come in the bed with us – I had hoped that those restless days were over, but of course, I was wrong…

So once again, I am waking up 2 – 4 times per night and despite the fact that Emma goes back to sleep fairly quickly now, it still disrupts my sleep, especially when she is sharing the bed with us since she pretty much takes over.

Possible solutions to get Emma to sleep through the night again:
1. Place a blanket under her sheets to keep her warm
2. Darken her shades
3. Read a happy night-time story that doesn’t involve any eating (rather than little red riding hood – although she asks for it)
4. Give her a teddy bear to sleep with


P.S. It amazes me how equipped we (women) are to be mothers – I would have never thought I could have as much patience, run on such little sleep, contain/control my crankiness and frustration and shower my daughter with love all at the same time.

2 thoughts on “Sleeping Through the Night

  1. It really is a beautiful talent we have as mothers to be so graceful on such little sleep. Sorry to hear that Emma is still keeping you up at this age. You have some good ideas to keep her asleep longer, and I know you to be very careful about the decisions you make. I’m sure you’ve thought of these possibilities, but here are some questions. What time does she go to bed? Maybe a later bedtime (even though it’s so nice when they go to sleep early so moms can have “me time”) would be helpful to make her sleepier throughout the night. Do you think it would help to make sure she does a good 30 minutes of physical activity at some point in the evening? I find that in the winter the boys don’t sleep as we’ll because they aren’t letting out all their energy outside. How long is she napping during the day? Find out from the day care how long she sleeps and what time. It’s not something you can control if the day are has a schedule but I know Cameron doesn’t need naps anymore and will only go to bed at a decent time (9:30) if he doesn’t take one. Since he does take a nap at day care during the day, he goes to sleep after 11 on week nights no matter what methods I try to get him to sleep earlier. I’ve also tried lavender baths an lavender scented lotion to make them sleepy and try to keep them sleepy. This hasn’t worked on my boys but many other moms have sworn by it.
    What helps her go back to sleep? I’m curious to know what she’s seeking when she wakes up?

    • Thanks Chrissy! I’ve also tried the lavender baths to no avail… When she wakes up at night she asks for me and goes back to sleep with my company or holding onto my arm. She only naps for an hour during the day so I feel its important for her to go to sleep by 9-10p.m. since she has to wake up at 7 a.m. Sleep is essential for her (and me) not only for her growth but because it lessens her crankiness/tantrums during the day. I also plan on getting her a pillow, which will hopefully make her bed more appealing to her since it’s more “grown-up.” Does Cameron have a pillow? Also, how do you keep the covers on him?

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