Disney on Ice


This past Sunday I took my daughter to Disney on Ice along with my sister (aside from being Emma’s aunt, she is also her Godmother). I was in charge of the tickets, so as soon as we entered the Barclays center I took them out of my purse to have them ready. From the entrance to the security check point – probably 10 feet – I lost the tickets. I have no idea how or at what point that happened… How is that even possible???

My sister was visibly upset (it was also her birthday) and was telling me that we should leave because someone must have already taken our tickets… I was obviously upset and frustrated as well because I couldn’t believe I had lost them. To make matters worse, in the security checkpoint I was told that I couldn’t bring any food inside (I had brought milk, fruits and crackers for Emma), so this added on to the frustration – I hate throwing out food and getting rid of it was taking additional time.

I had pepped up Emma so much about the show that there was no way we were leaving without watching it, so we found a solution – we were able to get the tickets printed in the booth by showing an I.D. and the receipt of purchase through the phone. No one had claimed them yet! I was definitely relieved and happy. I don’t think I would have forgiven myself for at least a week if we wouldn’t have been able to watch the show (I was still looking for the tickets when we left). We missed the first 15 minutes of the show but we were at least able to watch it.

I must admit, I went to watch the show with low expectations and mostly for Emma – As an adult, sometimes things that are great for a child are not too amusing for us – However, this was not the case with Disney on ice, it actually was a terrific show. My daughter was very entertained and so was I. She was in awe as she watched the characters “sing” and skate, and all the props were amazing. She was especially excited about Minnie Mouse and even though she didn’t know all of the Disney characters, she enjoyed the entire show. She even enjoyed the part where The Incredibles performed, even though they scare her (I only know this because we have a DVD at home with a preview of The Incredibles movie and every time she sees it she runs to her room and tells me she is scared). After their performance, I asked her if she liked it and she said yes so I dared to ask if she wanted to watch the movie, she said no… When the show was over Emma didn’t want to leave. She was impatiently waiting for more characters to come out so I had to tell her that they went back home to Disney World.

I know that she will ask to go there soon…

So, aside from my mini mental coma, we had a great time.

Ticket = $75
Popcorn = $12
Snow cone = $15

Emma being in awe, super excited and having a great time= PRICELESS

*Although it is definitely something that will only be done once in a while, as it is pricey.

P.S. Before having Emma I was on top of everything – I still try to be, as it is my personality. However, although I want to be on top of everything, the likelihood that I actually am is around 50%. When I first had Emma, I suffered from a self-diagnosed minor “memory loss” – I say this because I suddenly forgot how to spell certain words, how to do certain things and so on. And honestly, I feel like I am still working on getting it back…Although I prioritize, make lists and try to be organized, I am really a mess – at least I feel like it. This little mishap further reassured me of my need to “get it together.”
Am I the only one?

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