After having Emma, I got so tangled up trying to be the best mom I could be that I put some of my goals in the back burner. As a result, every so often I feel a little bad that I haven’t pursued other things I love to do. Mommyhood was definitely my calling, but I have yet to pursue my creative/artistic aspirations, which have only gotten more intense after becoming a mom. They are constantly present – I always have little thoughts invading my mind and reminding me that there is more I want to do in life. I just can’t manage to find the time since Emma is my first and foremost priority, and the fact that I haven’t really been that proactive with my goals makes me feel like I haven’t accomplished much….

However, I felt a little better about myself the other night when I read this quote in a restaurant while having dinner with good friends – “Your example will inspire others.” Sometimes I get so caught up in what I haven’t done yet that I forget about what I do on a regular basis. Regardless of what I have accomplished (or not), my daily actions can serve as inspiration to others. Everything and anything you do can inspire others; it can spark an idea, serve as encouragement or a little push, make you feel better about yourself, etc… I know that I am constantly inspired by others, my daughter especially, and the majority of people that inspire me are completely unaware of the effect they have on me.

I hope that my example can inspire Emma to be a better and wiser human being; and as a parent, I think that that will likely be my biggest accomplishment.

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