Raising Emma – Children Movies

I love my daughter more than words can describe and I love to spend time with her, but lately I’ve been lacking sleep and thus, energy. So when I finally get home after picking her up from daycare and working a full day, I am exhausted, and so is she – although somehow she manages to come up with a lot of energy. I really wish I had her stamina…

Since we only have around 2 hours together before bedtime, I like to spend one on one time with her so I don’t like to turn on the TV. However, lately, I’ve slacked a little – I’ve been putting movies for her, and although we watch them together, it’s not the same. Don’t get me wrong, she has watched movies before but lately it has become an everyday thing. It gives me some time to heat up her food and mine and organize a little. At times I feel a little guilty about it and then others, not so much… She definitely enjoys watching the movies and I enjoy them just as much, if not more than her (Yes, I am still a kid at heart) –  I just don’t want it to become a routine.

By now, we have watched a couple of animated/children movies and there are a lot of things that I now realize are not really suitable for a 2-year-old. There is a lot of explaining and omitting that I have to do and she definitely understands and enjoys movies the most when I get a chance to explain to her what is happening. She can certainly see and hear what is going on but sometimes there are situations that she hasn’t experienced, so she needs me to tell her why people/animals/characters react the way they do, or do they things they do. I don’t do this throughout the entire movie, only when she asks me or when she looks confused or scared.

Movies I have watched with Emma/ Children movies –

Rio – She LOVES this movie. There are lots of colors, animals and music.

Monsters University – She is obsessed with it, and I mean obsessed. She asks me to let her watch it every single day. Although now she wants me to skip the part of the librarian (In the movie she throws the kids/monsters out of the library if they make noise) – She finds her scary and told me she doesn’t like her.

How to train your dragon  – the only reason we got this for her was because she loves dragons. She ignored it at first but now loves it.

Ratatouille – She really liked it and wanted to see it again, especially after we found a mouse in the house…. Which we caught the next day. She doesn’t know.

Finding Nemo – She gets a little scared of the barracuda at the beginning of the movie so I skip that scene, but she likes the rest.

Lion King – She loves animals, and likes the movie, but there are a lot of sad moments in the movie. However, there are also great scenes in the movie and the music is phenomenal. It is one of my favorites and we will definitely revisit later.

Tangled – I thought this was a pretty good movie, but Emma, not so much. She is definitely not a princess kind of girl, at least not when it comes to movies. It was hard for me to explain the concept that the baby was abducted by an evil lady and raised by her – Either way, she could care less. She kept on asking me about the baby until she finally got the fact that Rapunzel was the baby – all grown up. She didn’t pay much attention to it.

Frozen (Emma’s first movie in the theatre) – It was pretty good. She loved the snowman the most.

Toy Story 3 – I love it, she thinks it’s ok.

The Emperor’s New Groove – She really enjoyed this movie, especially because we would get up and dance every time there was music.

The Princess and the Frog – she liked the frogs, crocodiles and bugs but could care less about the princess. When the frogs transformed back to humans, she asked me where the frogs went.

Despicable Me 1 & 2 – She liked them both, but I think I enjoyed them more than her… She obviously likes the minions.

Up – She liked it but hasn’t asked to watch it again.

Happy Feet – She really likes it, but looses interest in it after the first 45 minutes.

Hunchback of Notre Dame – We started it together but I quickly turned it off after realizing how horrific it really is –  I finished watching it by myself later on… I used to love this movie as a child and I am not sure why? The plot is pretty much about a genocide against the Gypsies. Yes, at the end of the movie the gypsies win, but it is a loaded movie and definitely tough for a kid to understand.

I will try to hide the movies this week so she doesn’t ask to see them again and then maybe we can make Friday or Sunday our movie day.


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