Christmas –

I love Christmas time. I love the holiday music, seeing all the expectant children (including my own), and getting together with the family. In essence, it is “the most wonderful time of the year.”  However, it is also one of the most hectic and chaotic times of the year…. There are Christmas decorations, Christmas presents, cooking and baking, etc…  I enjoy doing all of those things but have limited time, which makes it hard. This year I tried to finish Christmas shopping by November, but as usual, I was still buying and wrapping gifts Christmas Eve. I did most of my Christmas shopping online – I enjoy shopping for gifts but since I rarely have the time and my daughter is not a fan, I saved myself some trouble and frustration by shopping online. Unfortunately, some gifts didn’t come in time and some didn’t come at all. I got some good deals from – I like to browse their inventory once in a while and in November I was able to get great toys at a great price. The only con is that they take a while to ship, but they guaranteed Christmas delivery and their items were delivered before Christmas.

Teacher gifts –

This was also the first Christmas I had to get gifts for Emma’s daycare teachers. I opted to get them personalized key chains from Etsy, along with a picture of my daughter as a Christmas card and some stamps and ink pads from Michaels. They loved them, and I am happy and relieved.

Emma –

I truly get overwhelmed with the amount of gifts my daughter receives each Christmas, she is very lucky and much loved. Although for me, more gifts = more cleaning and organizing. I spent Dec 26th cleaning her room, organizing her new toys and deciding which “old” ones to give away. We live in a small apartment and there is no way we could keep all of them. This year she asked for a dragon from Santa Clause – she mentioned it to me every single day. This is likely because she loves a show called “The Wheels on the Bus” on Netflix that is essentially about a Dragon that drives a bus . There are only three episodes on Netflix so it was probably cancelled after the third but she loves it nonetheless, and it is actually pretty instructive. When she received Santa’s present on Christmas day, she was a little frightened. She was afraid the dragon was going to bite her and I guess that for a 2 year old, the dragon is a little scary looking (Fisher price Castle dragon). It took her a day to warm up to it but now she carries it everywhere, feeds him animals from the nativity set we have and wants him to sleep next to her. We also pray to the Nativity set 9 days before Christmas in anticipation of Jesus’ birth, and this year Jesus gifted her a book every night after we finished reading the “Novena.” My husband and I gave her a Dora microphone that she loves and a wooden tree with holes that you can “sew” fruits into. I am hoping this will help further develop her motor skills. She also received plenty from her grandparents, aunts and uncles (I created a Christmas list for her)….

Gifts my 2 year old toddler loved –

Cash Register

Play Doh Ice Cream machine, molds

Books – Eric Carle

Letter and animal magnets from Melissa and Doug


B Toys Piano

Tea Set

Dora Microphone

Now we are getting ready for the New Year, and with that come New Year resolutions…. Looking forward to the surprises this New Year will bring!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

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